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Leucothoe Axillaris - Curly Red

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Leucothoe Axillaris - Curly Red - 1 Plant - Approx 35cm

A very unusual and intriguing evergreen shrub. Leucothoe 'Curly Red' is very sought after due to it's unique, curling leaves. When they first shoot, young leaves are a glossy red colour before maturing to a glossy green for Summer. As Winter comes and the cold weather approaches, this fantastic shrub actually changes its colour back to red and remains so until Spring approaches and new shoots appear. It can also bloom with small, white flowers in Spring, however these are often insignificant and do not draw attention away from it's glorious foliage. An ideal plant at providing groundcover, due to it's low spreading habit. Can grow up to 1m in height if not maintained, however it is commonly and very easily trimmed to keep it compact.

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